Blind to the Beautiful (Fish)

Songtext von Fish:
Blind to the Beautiful (2013)

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Blind to the Beautiful

The stars are fading, ashes to ashes and dust to dust
The bread we have broken, the wine we drank from tarnished cups
And I stopped believing in miracles a long long time ago
I lost my faith and I sacrificed my soul
I worshipped fallen idols, chased false prophets to an end
To where I just can’t see the beautiful anymore

The ice retreating, mountains exposed in the sun
The earth is baking, raindrops precede the floods
And hurricanes with children’s names write our history
Signatures tracked by satellites on high
We should have talked about the weather a bit more seriously
More than stocks and shares and corporate wares
We were blinded by the sceptics and their greed
I just can’t see the beautiful anymore; I just can’t see the beautiful anymore

I howled and I cried when the melody died, the song was finally over
There was nothing to say, words stole away, their meaning lost in the ether
What there was left stopped making sense, a broken up alphabet, language dispersed
I just can’t hear the beautiful anymore

The oceans are rising, islands in time disappear
The canyons burning, forests consumed by the flames
Wildfires rage across the plains to be starved by barren soil
Deserted farms where seeds refuse to grow
I close my eyes to cloudless skies I dream of what we had before
I just can’t see the beautiful anymore
I just can’t see the beautiful anymore
Show me the beautiful; bring back the beautiful, show me the beautiful
I want to see the beautiful once more

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