Personal Shopper (Steven Wilson)

Have now, have now, pay in another life
Kickstart the future, accept this loan
Fill in the form, you’re pre-qualified
You’re now the sum of what you own

Buy now, buy now, have a better life
Close out transactions without remorse
Apply for credit, it’s your given right
Buy it all then buy some more

Buy for comfort, buy for kicks
Buy and buy until it makes you sick
Buy for England, buy it all
Buy online and in the shopping mall
Sell it on then buy it back
Buy the shit you never knew you lacked
Buy the update to compete
Buy the things that make your life complete

Consumer of life, hold my hand, extend your rights
It’s the power to purchase to excess
That sets you apart and can give you the ultimate high
Abuser of time, if there’s something that you want
You don’t need it, but have to concede
It’s making you happy and that’s all that matters to you

Buy the box set and the kind of stuff
You’ve bought before a million times
Buy in green, buy in blue
Buy in patterns ‚cause I tell you to
Buy the dream, buy the spin
Feel the bite down of the trap you’re in
Buy the lies that I tell
Lap up everything I’m here to sell

Buy now, buy now, at a better price
Give in to excess, lose control
Just keep on spending, never compromise
Rack up more debt and fill that hole

(„Personal Shopper“ von Steven Wilson – aus den Lyrics)

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