Schabbat Schalom 8

Buchcover mit Zitat aus dem Buch drüber

Nach den vielen Heschel-Zitaten über den Sabbat als Heiligung der Zeit und den Unterschied zwischen Zeit und (den Dingen des) Raum diesmal am Freitagnachmittag ein Zitat zum Thema „Ding“ (oder nicht) des Philosophen Alva Noë:⁣

„We don’t see mere patterns of shape and color and then judge them to be other people or objects. And so it is misguided to think that the brain’s job is to solve these problems for us.⁣

The substrate of our lives, and of our conscious experience, is the meaningful world in which we find ourselves. The broader world, and the character of our situation in it, is the raw material of a theory of conscious life. The brain plays a starring role in the story, to be sure. But the brain’s job is not to “generate” consciousness.⁣

Consciousness isn’t that kind of thing. It isn’t a thing at all.⁣

Alva Noë, Out Of Our Heads: Why You Are Not Your Brain, and Other Lessons from⁣
the Biology of Consciousness, New York 2009

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